Here’s where we’re at

This pregnancy started out much better than the last. I was convinced that God had chosen to spare us from the horror of HG. When the nausea and weight loss started at six weeks I told myself it was just good old morning sickness. After a week of that my sister convinced me to call my OB for Zofran, just in case. I’m so thankful she did and we were able to do something before it was out of control. Early intervention is key with HG. As the weeks went by I needed to keep taking more and more Zofran to make it through the day. But, I kept telling myself it would not last like it did in my 1st pregnancy. I was sure it would end with the 1st trimester. Oh how I looked forward to that day.

Then came week 13.

My HG seems to be progressing from a mild case to a moderate case. That was quite a depressing realization. Not only have the last 10 weeks been physically difficult, but as my HG progresses it is emotionally draining as well. Try to imagine having stomach flu or food poisoning for week after week after week. With the flu you know an end is coming. With food poisoning you know it’s just a matter of getting the yuck out. With HG, vomiting only makes you vomit more, it is a vicious cycle. There is no relief afterward. My facial muscles tense up like I am vomiting even when I am not. My body is so conditioned to heave. Fortunately this time around the Zofran is controlling the vomiting but not the nausea and heaving.

Though the HG has started slower this time it is not any easier to deal with. This time a precious little boy is being affected. Jason and I are thankful that Zack is only 2 years old and we are praying that he is young enough that he will not remember mommy being sick. It broke my heart the other day when we pulled into the pharmacy and he announced “parmcy, mommies medicine”. He has days where he is very loving toward his baby and will pat my belly or blow the baby kisses. Then there are days when I can’t do anything with him and he will try to hit the baby or say “no baby mommy”. We want him to be able to bond with his sibling and not hold resentment for taking mommy away.

The hardest part is when I am so sick that I can not even take care of my own son. Days when my parents have to come and play with him or, like right now, I have to let him go stay with grandpa and grandma. He enjoys his time with them and I know it’s good for him to get away. I am so thankful for grandparents who can step in and help care for our little boy. I don’t know where we would be without them.


6 thoughts on “Here’s where we’re at

  1. Sorry Erin you having a hard pregnancy again. I can understand how you are feeling especially not being able to have Zach around as much as you like. I will pray for you that you might feel comfortable and everything goes well for you…..Keep the Faith.
    Grandma Elsie

    • Grandma Elsie
      Thank you for praying for us. Please pray for Zack to feel secure and loved, he is very clingy right now.

  2. Erin, I’m praying for you during your pregnancy and asking that the Lord would heal your body and allow this to be a sweet time rather than such a rough one. I’m asking him to use this time to draw your nearer to Himself and give you a deeper sense of his love and comfort, whether it’s in difficulty or ease. Keep us updated!

  3. Erin, It is exciting that God has blessed you with another little bundle of joy, even though the journey will be tough. Remember God promised never to leave us nor to give us more than we can endure. I will keep you in my prayers. Read Philippians 4:6-8. I hope these verses will bring you the confort and solace they have brought me in hard times.

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