Zack’s back

My Little Moose came home on Saturday! 🙂 It is a lot easier to let him stay with grandparents when it’s so that Jason and I can have a night away. When it’s because I can not care for him, it’s a lot harder. I called to check on him so many times! The nice part was that he was happy to talk to me (or at least listen to me talk to him).

Zack did good while he was with grandpa and grandma. He did have a rough time once he came home though. He spent Saturday night and Sunday clinging to mommy or daddy and lots of tears. Jason had to work Sunday so it was just Zack and I for church. Oh wow! He fought me for 40 minutes over putting on pants! I was exhausted, but I had to follow through and make him put them on. We didn’t make it to the 9:30 service and I thought if we snuggled for a bit we could maybe make it at 11:00. I was so wrong!! We made it to the car that time, but with so much screaming we didn’t even get to the church parking lot.

Zack was so upset he wouldn’t get out of the carseat and kept crying for mommy to hold him. I scooped him out like a baby and could feel his body relax in my arms. He stopped crying, looked at me, and said “mommy has Zack”. We laid on the couch and snuggled instead of church.

Our little boy definitely needs some security right now.


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