My husband, Jason, and I were married in 2009. My dream was always to be a wife and mother. I wanted at least four children and could not wait for them to come. We had been married for 10 months when I started feeling nauseous. Sure enough, we were pregnant! And we were so excited. I remember thinking that all my dreams were coming true.

My dreams never could have imagined Hyperemisis. It started at four weeks and ended with the birth of our son at 40 weeks. At that time I had never heard of Hyperemisis Gravidarum. Those were dark days of feeling isolated and trying desperately to find more information on the disease that was robbing me of the joy of pregnancy. I stopped talking to people because I was afraid I wouldn’t be kind if I heard “eat a cracker” one more time! FYI, crackers and ginger do not help with HG.

Our amazing son was born via c-section at 40 weeks. The last time I vomited was while the OR was being prepped. Zack was perfect, he even scored a 9-9 on his Apgar test. I was so relieved after 34 weeks of dehydration, malnutrition, liver issues, and constant Zofran our baby was perfect and seemed to have not been affected at all! Praise God!!

Deciding to try for a 2nd pregnancy was not an easy choice. It took months of discussions between my husband and I, lots of prayer, and finally making plans for Zack’s care should HG happen again.

I’m 14 weeks with baby 2 and HG has reared it’s ugly head again. This blog will update friends/family on how we are doing, provide information on HG, and hopefully offer help and encouragement for other HG Mommies.


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