Prayer Requests

This is where I will be listing specific areas you can join our family in prayer through this pregnancy.

I have chosen to call my blog “Praying Through HG” because I have come to realize that for some reason this is an area in our lives that God has said we must walk through. My husband and I as well as many friends and family have been asking God for two years before this pregnancy to let it be normal and spare us from HG. It has been a hard road to accept that God has said no, or at least not yet, to those prayers. I am trying to learn to accept this and rely on Christ to get us through.

Our prayer needs:

  • Health and safety of both me and the baby
  • Protection over our marriage
  • Peace for Zack
  • Also that Zack would not remember mommy being sick when this is over
  • That there will not be a strain on relationships between Jason/I and between Zack/Mommy
  • That I will find comfort and reliance on God

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